Extra Time Out For The College Board

Extra time, a provisioned benefit given to kids that have some diagnosis supporting the need, has turned into and become tool for the wealthy and the College Board supports it openly and blatantly.

So, while every private school in the nation grade inflates, the kids who attend are finding themselves with extra time as well. This makes for a new problem in college admissions whereby colleges and universities don’t have viability into applicant applications allotted extra time.

How is this all possible and what does it mean?
Thanks to the The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) , kids given extra time are not singled out or labeled by the College Board so Universities and Colleges don’t know when an applicants ACT/SAT testing included extra time or not. This means a 1600 achieved over as much as a 4-day span is equal to a 1600 received in the normal testing period! MIT here I come!

Legitimate use of the resource is terrific when a child is truly in need. The joke is, in wealthy areas, like Manhattan, where private schools abound, one school has half a junior class receiving extra time. That’s an inordinate number of kids of type “A”‘s that live in one of the most expensive cities in the world having an inordinate number of learning disabilities. In fact, it’s not possible or is it? A study should be conducted to isolate which psychiatrists/psychologists are diagnosing. YOU CAN LIKEN THESE DOCTORS/PhD/Other to any doctor that would prescribe opioid based drugs to wanting patients. Their handing extra time out like candy!

Here’s what we all need to do!
A class action against the College Board and their participation in this practice whereby they allow without contest the addition of extra time with any Dr.’s diagnosis and where this abuse has completely skewed the college entrance process. In effect, they have altered people’s lives significantly without care.

Any student should be able to request extra time
Effective immediate, the College Board should allow any student to request extra time. Where extra time is, at its heart, more time to think about a math or reading problem. The very application of extra time speaks to a student that CAN succeed where tiem is not a pressing factor. Students without wealth should be able to receive extra time without a diagnosis.